10-inch Capacitive Multi-touch Tablet with Android 4.0 by Zeki

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Enjoy websites as they were meant to be seen, watch videos without squinting and maneuver easily with the touch of your fingertips on this 10-inch tablet. It features:

  • Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the fastest web browsing experience yet for Android devices
  • A 10" capacitive multi-touch LCD screen that responds to swipes (to scroll through images) and taps/pinching (to zoom in and out) and has a G-sensor for easy screen rotation
  • Compatibility with a number of file formats for music, videos, ebooks and photos
  • Built-in Wifi, front-facing camera, 3.5-hour battery life with AC/DC charger, mini-HDMI output (1080p) to connect to a TV and multiple apps sites pre-installed, including Amazon App Store
  • High-speed 1 GHz processor, 8 GB flash memory and micro SD card reader for up to a 32 GB card (not included)
Comes with USB cable and earbuds. 6 1/2" w x 11" h x 1/2" d.

Arrange for internet service through your local internet service provider (for a monthly fee). Ask them for complete details.

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10-inch Capacitive Multi-touch Tablet with Android 4.0 by Zeki

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  • 3 Star Review
  • Date: May 22, 2013
  • Reviewer: Isreba Aiken, 
  • Bronx, NY
  • Eh.....

  • Thought this would have much faster speed, since it's 4.0...but nope. it's not allowing me to connect with the google play store. had to download BA instead. playing games is slow. music is not as loud as i thought it would be. and watching movies is a joke. this is a nice screen. but the touch feature is faulty, and takes a lot of darn near smashing of my finger to make it respond at times. i gave it a three because of the size of the screen, and because it is hdmi compatible. but for that matter...i have an HD TV....so no real great feature. and for the price...almost $400.00 i expected a whoooooole lot more. had it not been for the fact that i threw away the box, i would've returned this and gotten something else. Zeki is not a well known name, and this is the reason why. mediocre features, sloppy interactions, and slow on the uptake when surfing the web. If you are going to charge $400 for a tablet then you would do well to employ the products that are known for that price and their reputation precedes them...i.e., Sony, HTC, Samsung, Apple, heck...even Dell for that matter. they have $409 tablets and i am sure the uptake is extremely faster than this unit. I don't like giving out bad reviews, but this one just disappointed me to no end. Battery life is great...but who cares if you can't accomplish what you want. Even you tube takes long to load, and buffer. My simple kindle fire runs rings around ths unit, and it cost one third of the price and it's not even the 9" HD version. it's the 7 1/2" version before the 9" version. and it still runs rings around this item.
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